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MIDAS Profile


Micro Industries Development Assistance and Services (MIDAS) is a promotional organisation in the private sector. It was set up in 1982 with the objective of supporting the development of micro, small and medium enterprises. Over the period, it has gained unique professional competence in effective delivery of both technical and financial assistance services to diverse and wide ranging target groups.MIDAS firmly believes that micro and small enterprises provide the best opportunity to create new employment and develop a new base of entrepreneurship in the country.

MIDAS renders financial and technical assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises and existing and would-be entrepreneurs. MIDAS also offers training, information and consulting services to national and multinational companies, government organizations, NGOs, donor agencies and individuals in various areas relating to technology, management, production, marketing, finance, export development, etc. Financing small enterprises is one of the most important functions ofMIDAS. The lending operation of MIDAS, however, is now being handled by its subsidiary company named MIDAS Financing Ltd., which is a public company limited by shares.


  • Consulting services to support growth of business
  • Human Resource Development Services
  • Information Services